See You On Top, in syaa Allah! #30DaysRamadhanWriting 19


Assalamu’alaykum. Hai semua.. Terimakasih ya sudah jadi guruku dalam belajar memahami berbagai manusia, belajar berteman, belajar sabar+syukur, dan..belajar f**ika tentunya (wkwk).

It’s always hard before entering your classes. Worrying whether my preparation was appropriate and good enough to deliver or not.


It was a relief after classes over. Seeing your smiles, laughes, and spirits (even a little bcse some of you were tired enough, haha, sorry ✌) and our chats and (even receh) jokes that you spent with me during our sessions.


From my prior post, you may know the reason why I always wrote “See you” in the end of your key chain notes. Yes, because I do have a hope, that someday we will meet each other again. In a better version of ourself. .

Well done, students. Forgive me, and good luck for your future. See you on top, in syaa Allah 🙂 Saling mendoakan ya, mumpung masih Ramadhan.


Selamat memaksimalkan ibadah di 10 hari terakhir Ramadhan 🙂 Jangan sia sia kan waktumu.. mumpung masih muda dan masih dititipkan umur dan jiwa+tubuh sehat, manfaatkan yaaak! 🙂



#schoolstory #students #putihabuabustory  #30DaysRamadhanWriting #day19 writing, #day20 Ramadhan.


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