Move Now, or Someone Will Replace You

When you see something bad happen in this world, then what will you do?

Are you just starring on that thing? Let it happen, do nothing, while hoping a better situation comes casually?

At that point, you’re right. Yes, you have a right to hope like that.

Yeah, don’t worry guys, that ‘better situation’ will comes soon, may be really soon.

But not by you! Since you have decided to do nothing, someone do good thing on it. Someone do something to repair that bad thing. Yes, someone, not You!

Then, it’s all about your own choice. Either you wanna fight for the goodness (justice, morality, humanity, etc), or you just keep silent and do nothing, the goodness will always exists. It will be fought by a group of people that choose to MOVE NOW, then FIGHT FOR THE GOODNESS in this world.


September 7th, 2014. 23:54. by Aliya Nur Zahira (@azahira)
From the quote “Bergerak, atau tergantikan” :’)


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