about deciding a decision

people said, we have to make a life plan.
people said, we have to make a target for every plan!
Yes, it’s true! God also ask us to do all things well-planned, don’t HE?

Yes, target is important. But, for me, it depends on your self. You have to know yourself first, who are you? How is your condition? How you making friend with your past? What you really need for your entire life?
Because maybe for some people, living with a target can be a forcing. It also can make their focus to be scattered.
yeah, and it’s happen to me.
For the first time, I make a target for one of my important dream (an important life-phase). It is about this year! But then, after I read some books, I learned more, and I knew my self more than before, I got one decision, which is I have to finish an important -really really important- thing before I do that! And the time I NEED to finish that important thing is about 7-8 years 🙂 (for ideal time). It means I have to prolong my target until 7-8 years again. Oh, it’s so long..

But, honestly, you know, it REALLY MEANS to me: When I knew what I have to done, and when I knew which are more importants to do before I reach something, then I spend my life time for that! It REALLY MEANS to me, rather than I’m chasing my self to get the target, but in other side, it makes me JUST focus to the target, not to the self-appropriating/self-improvement/self-upgrading. And with this postpone, I feel relieved… relieved, and I can be more focus on my self-improvement, on my Vertical relationship with God 🙂 and I think this is better for me 🙂

Oke guys, you may agree or don’t agree. You have that right to choose! But please keep in your mind, that this situation depends on your self, on how you really know yourself. Then, you will know what you really need, what your priority, and know how the best way to make yourself laying in the appropriate way to reach your dream 🙂

yes, please guys. Before you FLY FAR TO THE SKY, or JUMP AS HIGH AS THE STAR, please: Know your self, Love your self, and Give the best and the most appropriate treatment to your self condition 🙂

May Allah bless us everytime.

Regards, Image

Aliya Nur Zahira 🙂


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